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The Wibbler away day to the Levels was marred in some peoples eyes by Perishers inability to plan 46 mile circular routes without 46 miles of gentle descent or 46 miles of following wind. Apart from that it was a good day out.

07 21.Wibblers

It was a truly eclectic mix of Pedallers who rode out on our Sunday ride this morning; continuing to show what I hope is one of the most inclusive clubs around! We had our Wednesday Wibblers, Friday Flyers and Thursday roadies all represented, the 8 am Sunday road riders and even earlier rising MTBers having already done their rides.

07 10 1.Monthly

On a very damp Sunday 19th June, in association with 1st Chard Wheelers and Seaton Town Development Team/Town Council, together with AVP marshals and our own race entrant, we massed in number to support Seaton's first ever Cycle Fest and British Cycling Criterium.

06 19 01.CycleFest


Great Club monthly ride to Wescott ..


Two groups of Pedallers have journeyed across the boarder into Wales for 2 cycling sportives, the Welsh Velothon on 21 May and the Dragon Ride L’Etape Wales on 11 June.

06 12

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